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We have decided to close the mill and have all of the equipment for sale.

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Kalaya Farms is a family owned business that raises high quality Gotland crosses, Leicester Longwools, Icelandic sheep, Angora Goats and Alpacas. Breeding Stock is available on the Sales page in the Farm section. We have begun a Gotland upgrading program using Icelandic, Leicester Longwool & BFL ewes. See Pictures of them in the sheep section under Gotlands.

Robyn takes pride in providing a value added service to natural fiber producers. Natural fiber products are available in clean, high quality roving and yarns. Our main objective is to strengthen and diversify the agricultural industry by development of alternative marketing options for fiber producers.

Located in Florence, MT, we provide special care and attention to every fleece we process. Incoming fleeces are weighted, tagged and evaluated for processing requirements. The owner's name and custom instructions stay with the fleece throughout the entire process, ensuring that you will always get your own fiber returned to you.

Our carder and spinning frame were custom designed for high quality processing of llama, alpaca, mohair, long staple and rare sheep breeds. We can help you with your special processing needs such marketing and custom color blends. Please take advantage of our links above, noting the fiber washing requirements and terms of service in order that we can provide you with the best quality service for your fiber.

At Kalaya Farms Wool Works our goal is to provide you with quality finished products that you will be proud to use or sell. In the near future, we will be purchasing a commercial loom and felter to offer additional products. Plans are already underway to purchase flat & sock knitting machines as well. Stay tuned for these & more exciting developments.

Our services: Washing - Blending - Picking- Roving - Batts- Marketing Assistance.

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